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Duo Nothandleuchte


Noah Punkt ; Doublebass

Tobias Pfister ; Tenor Saxophone


The natural flow of things inevitably leads to the Nothandleuchte. We can lay all our hope in it - even in sinister hours.

Tobias Pfister and Noah Punkt follow the cone of light and give themselves to this course of events enthusiastically. Blind trust and tactile rushing ahead accelerate their steps and if the fall occurs, they fall with delight. 


Unsteady and bottomless, sometimes also extensively pleasurably directionless. Floating, pushing, pulling and strolling. With all the necessary means: saxophone and double bass.

Tage is an ongoing project by Tobias Pfister and Noah Punkt bringing shape, sounds and patterns of acoustic instruments to producing and sound processing and then back again to the acoustic setting and instruments. This album features the work in progress and the current state of the opus and it will be deleted after the final production.

Recorded, mixed, mastered by Noah Punkt 
Artwork by Noah Punkt

released July 24, 2020 

otherunwise 2020 / 03 

Recorded May 1st 2020 at Rote Fabrik, Zürich by Noah Punkt 
Mastering by Noah Punkt 
Artwork by Noah Punkt 

Special Thanks to Rote Fabrik and Sämi and Jonas from Rote Fabrik, Maxime Paratte, Malte and Fabian from Golden Ticket

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