Tage is an ongoing project by Tobias Pfister and Noah Punkt bringing shape, sounds and patterns of acoustic instruments to producing and sound processing and then back again to the acoustic setting and instruments. This album features the work in progress and the current state of the opus and it will be deleted after the final production.

Recorded, mixed, mastered by Noah Punkt 
Artwork by Noah Punkt

7 Lines

composed by Lotus Eddé Khouri  
played by Gamut Kollektiv 
Tapiwa Svosve (sax)

Tobias Pfister (sax)

Silvan Schmid (tp)

Philipp Eden (p)

Vojko Huter (guit)

Xaver Rüegg (b)

Paul Amereller (dr)

Record release coming soon on Edition Gamut

captured by

Eric La Casa sound

Binta Kopp picture

gamutkollektiv ; 7 Lines

by Binta Kopp